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Hi there! This is the first prototype version of ComboBoss. While gaming experience is simple, development one is much more sophisticated. I am truly glad that my game is alive and in somewhat usable state after 4 days of making. And I've completed my first jam! YAY!

But there is some problem with game currently. Originally I was developing for HTML5 target platform in Game Maker Studio. While GM:S offers quick and easy way to express your thoughts onto game medium, it has some very trobling synchronization issues that I have not aknowledged and accounted for (my bad). What runs perfectly fine on my PC, runs very slow on my friend PC as I found out.

That is the cause of reverting back to simple Windows EXE. This way the difference is almost non-existent (if any) and game may be experienced as it was designed. Just unpack EXE from ZIP and you ready to play! I will add proper synchronization to game to improve HTML5 compatibility and then release a new version.

Please, leave comments! I would love to hear what you liked / disliked in game. And, most importantly, if you had any performance issues. Thank you!


ComboBoss_v1_win.zip 2 MB
Oct 17, 2017

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