Are you sure that your combo reaction skills are good?

Buildup combo multiplier and slash through enemies.

Flawlessly execute random combos that will appear on your screen. The goal is to get best score by combo multiplier. Game will gradually increase difficulty as time pass. That is, increase combo actions speed and count.

This game supports keyboard and Xbox 360-compatible controllers. You can change D-Pad axes in configuration settings.

Note: this game is not yet finished, it will recieve updates in future.

You can choose preferred controls, currently:

  • Keyboard Arrows
  • Keyboard WASD
  • Keyboard IJKL
  • D-Pad on controller
  • Buttons on controller

To pause press START or ENTER in-game.

To enter or exit fullscreen mode, press ALT + ENTER.

To get more info on development process and future plans, just ask me here or on twitter (@TheStrikeBone). I really appreciate it if you will comment and rate. This will help me to get going in right direction. Thank you!


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Version v6.1

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Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for playing! But this game does not need voice acting at this point. I will be keeping you in mind :D


I'm loving the new controls!

Great! Really appreciate this. Thank you!


Haha fun, nice work on the characters.

Thank you! I glad you like it!


These men are sexy. Thank you.



Nice Game .. like it!

Thank you very much! I am currently trying to outline that game feeling, step-by-step. Was planning on rolling new updates as soon as possible.




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good game (Best Game Ever)

Thank you!


i would have liked it better if it showed arrow keys instead of the letters. it's a bit hard to read, the arrow keys would make it more straight forward

(2 edits)

Thank you for comment! If i understand correctly, you mean: show arrow keys accordingly to WASD keys, but still use WASD (just change the graphic representation).

I am currently working on update to implement different control schemes to use in-game. But this is new view point I need to think about. It might actually improve gameplay greatly. I will test this out to see if this fits better.


totally came to the comments to post this.

i tried to make myself accustomed to WASD, but i couldn't. arrows are way better.

Thank you for comment! Rolled out the update for controls selection to solve this issue.


brilliant game really fun I curse so much here is my playthrough 

Thank you for playing! Love the playthrough :D

That 'W' letter though. Do you think I need to emphasize controls layout in-game? I am actually working on input device selection, as update to multiple game modes. Would love to hear any suggestions.

(1 edit) (+1)

you stated clearly that it was a key its difficult to write w with pixels too Ive seen few games drop in a back grounds too screaming crowds or mountains its a great idea though Ive never thought about the adws keys like that and I thought I knew them well :)

Rolled update to fix the controls problem!